Saturday, April 12, 2014

Inspirations, Pink Cherry Blossoms

I grew up on a quiet, Dublin, suburban crescent lined with alternating cherry blossom and apple blossoms trees. I used to love when they were in bloom, looking like giant pink and white candy flosses. When the petals were shed, the pavement became a carpet of marshmallows fit for a little princess like me to step on.
Cherry Blossoms in Dublin city
For a city, even the centre of Dublin is pretty green, and at this time of year, often rosy pink. I love that you can turn a corner and accidentally happen upon a row of blossom trees in full blush. Above is one of those surprisingly quiet streets off the main artery from the South into the city centre. I took this shot on my way home a week ago......
rose quartz and rhodonite earrings, Cherry Blossom

...and then I made these. I couldn't help myself!  Cherry Blossom earrings are made with delicate pink rose quartz and candy-hued rhodonite. I hope I've captured the essence of childhood summers in them.


  1. A nice Story Anne Marie..I Love bloom Cherry Blossoms,
    viewing this picture we crave a warm and cosy Springtime ,indeed !!!
    Beautiful earrings , delicate accessory for this season

    1. thank you Marga. The petals are falling off already turning the path into a pink carpet.