Sunday, April 6, 2014

Interesting Sea Glass Finds

Living about an hour from the coast, I don't get to beach comb as often as I'd like. I've been out just once since last October but I picked up a few interesting pieces.
Sea glass  and sea pottery with pictures or letters on them are always fun finds. This piece must surely be from a sauce jar or perhaps a bottle. I wonder if it had a club sauce bottle top like the ones I found last year? (Click to see club sauce stoppers)
I also found a few pieces of blue sea pottery and a small specimen of cobalt blue glass. It is rare to find a big piece of frosted cobalt sea glass on a Dublin shore, although this glass was commonly used for medicine vials such as Milk of Magnesia bottles. I wonder was the glass a little thinner and more brittle and is this why? Anyone??

I also found this small piece of white frosted sea glass with the number 117 on it. I've a hunch it is the beginning of a batch code. There is also a pretty dot pattern on it. It may be from the base of a vessel.

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  1. Hi Anne-Marie, your images make me want to go beach combing, I probably wouldn't be so lucky with finds and even wouldn't know the right places, but still I would like to go for a walk just to relax and enjoy the sea side.

  2. So would I....have only been once since October ish...not sure now....

  3. What lovely treasures! I never seem to find anything but Tayto bags on our beach, maybe I'm just not looking hard enough lol.

    1. that's so funny...and terrible at the same time to find litter, isn't it? But I guess sea glass is often rubbish from the past too!