Friday, April 25, 2014

Under the Dandelion. Caught My Eye #27

Caught My Eye  is a series of blog posts showing scenes I found interesting, odd, curious or beautiful. I am artistic and therefore an observer but I am not a photographer by any description. So if you expect top quality photography I'm afraid you will be disappointed.  But please do enjoy a snap shot glimpse of the world through my creative eyes. 
Yesterday I was out walking along a canal bank scattered with white daisies and canary yellow dandelions. I took a notion to stick my camera under the petals and take a guesstimate as to what I was going to capture. I was hoping to get an insect's perspective.
This one came out more like a painting than a photograph, which is the exact opposite of what some very talented artists do. But I like the wispy effect created by the sunlight filtered through the petals.


  1. I love Dandelion , in Spanish 'Diente de leon' , not only in the meadows which indicates the star of Springtime..I love as well as a natural remedy, all is usable, leaves in salad, flowers in purifying infusion..Caught my eyes as well Anne Marie...
    Now I would like to know what are you doing with this inspiration... .. maybe earrings? LOL Let's see !

    1. oh I forgot the Spanish word for dandelion was lion's tooth! What a curious name. I had so much inspiration this week while away on a break, I don't know where to this space...