Thursday, May 8, 2014

Under The Dandelion Clock,. Caught My Eye.#28

Caught My Eye  is a series of blog posts showing scenes I found interesting, odd, curious or beautiful. I am artistic and therefore an observer but I am not a photographer by any description. So if you expect top quality photography I'm afraid you will be disappointed.  But please do enjoy a snap shot glimpse of the world through my creative eyes. 

Last time I posted under the heading Caught My Eye, I had slid my wee cannon camera under a yellow dandelion and taken a shot as if from an insect's perspective. (Click Here to see it.) Not being able to see what I was capturing in the frame, it was a pot luck shot. When out walking from Bray to Greystones this weekend, I decided to try it again from under one of the many wispy dandelion 'clocks'. The seed head is so light and barely there, I had no idea if I was going to pick up anything at all.
Nature is amazing, isn't it? The structure vaguely reminds me of an upturned jellyfish I once saw on the shore. As it's not a super crisp masterpiece, I couldn't help but mess around with the image afterwards - the digital equivalent of doodling for inspiration:

I doubt I will be using any of these photos as inspiration for my jewellery, but perhaps they will inspire a reader in some other craft. The last one looks like a pompom. Haven't made one of those in years. I've seen them used as keychain ornaments and earrings etc, but personally, I'd rather wire wrap a bit of sea glass.


  1. Great idea! We are used to look from different sides, step back and look at things from distance, but you had a better idea! :)

  2. Lovely and inspiring. It makes me think about that jewellery made out of plants and flowers. Once I've seen a pendant with a dandelion under glass and it was...stunning!