Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Recent Feedback from Etsy Customers

Customer feedback is very important and much appreciated by anyone who provides a product or service to the public. To the discerning online customer, however, it is even more relevant and useful to see what previous customers have said before making a decision. More specific feedback can tell you about the aspects that matter to you personally. It's not just about whether the item is as described, but the service, packaging, speedy dispatch and the personal touches.
Connemara marble heart pendant
I'd like to say thank you from the bottom of my heart to all those who have left me feedback publicly, especially those who got into the specifics. It lets me know I am providing the service you want so I can build on that to continuously improve.  Without your input I'd be working blindly.

Click on the link to go directly to the feedback page on my site. This feedback cannot be faked or altered by me.

But I thought I'd pick out my more recent favourites and say thank you to these wonderful people. You know who you are!
***!!!Love my bookmark and love the owner. i have been shopping here since 2010 and will always be back!!

 Beautiful ear rings. Exeptional packaging - real wow effect.

this ornament is gorgeous! thanks so much anne-marie for the personalzation! i expect my son will love this!

Fantastic piece, fast shipping, Anne-Marie added personal touches not only to the packaging but also the entire purchasing experience  

Pink Heart Ornament for Girl's Bedroom, Baptism Gift, Rear View Mirror Charm, Valentines
Pink heart ornament for girl's bedroom

Love you guys!!



  2. i love the detailed feedback also, some of my absolute favourites were private ones.
    but of my public ones i really appreciated this one!
    Lovely, lovely, lovely! I received my glasses eyeglass chain this morning. Very prompt delivery. Most impressed with the symmetrical beading and the glass bead colours are wonderful. Petra also include a small gift of a dolphin mobile tag - very touching (Thank you). I shall be writing to Petra by way of a card and express my gratitude directly '

  3. Yes, the best ones are nearly always private arent they? Isn't it great when public feedback includes your name? It just shows that the transaction was personal, in the true spirit of Etsy, where the customer gets to 'meet' the artist.

  4. Such great comments :)

    So much of Etsy feedback is private these days, so a lot of people don't even bother to leave feedback :(

    This is one I love, from one of my Blogger Buddies who bought 5 photos from me :)

    "See, I'm jealous that you have access to mountains and wilderness areas like this. What I love about your prints is that you capture those moments for the rest of us."

    She is so sweet :)

    This is a great idea :) cheers, T. :)

  5. If I was happy with an order I always leave feedback, I think it is just curtsy to say thank you. Like you do when you get off a bus and thank the driver.

    1. Yes I agree and like to leave feedback - and that's a nice analogy Halli. I understand that a portion of online customers just dont do it for a variety of reasons that do not mean they are not happy with the purchase: lack of time, different outlook on internet etiquette, dont know how to, dont like to leave public feedback or they simply forget. I'm grateful for the feedback that I do get.

  6. Wow, this is so interesting. I've always wondered why people do not leave a simple positive feedback, there is no need to write a poem - although I really appreciate comment like this:

    "Love this piece. Can hardly wait to wear it for a special concert this weekend. Finely crafted and beautiful. Would purchase from her again and again!"

    I figured out many reasons, but you're right, one should be grateful for the feedback s/he get, that's the better attitude!

  7. Thanks so much Anne-Marie for sharing and give us the opportunity to say how important is for the Etsyans feedback, I think it is the spirit of being artisan..(in Etsy and also out Etsy) we love made 'things' and I love to live from that(economy) but customized .
    Working for a project I always think about who order and who will receive ,which my work is mostly made-to-order ,tailor-made, even if it is not I can imagine that who will receive can appreciate my love for it....